Aloha! My name is Kalia Zizi (mom and dad appreciation moment for the crazy name I have and love)!

 I am here to explore the intersection of art and technology.  I love making things with my hands that are inspiring and make you think. I am fascinated by technology, I cannot believe how advanced technology is and i want to learn to understand in more, but I want to start with the basics. How do I make light, movement, interaction and data work?   I see the Arduino as a revolutionary platform for this exploration and an awesome opportunity to involve art in technology. I will use this blog to compile my research, ideas and project progress.

I will post my experiences with, ‘tinkering’ that is experimenting with prototyping Arduino electronics (namely LEDs, sensors and motors) and developing the subsequent code needed to control said hardware.  I hope to break it down into terms I understand (note my background is primarily in the arts and communications)!  This may include some cool little DIY activities with an ‘Instructables’ feel.  The best way to learn something is to teach it, and I also believe in sharing knowledge and making it easy to understand, so win-win-win situation coming right up!

The third component of my blog is a section dedicated to the development of my ‘BIG’ project- an ‘interactive robotic sculpture.’  This will be a physical sculpture built with my own two hands embedded with an Arduino that functions with some of the cool things I learned while tinkering.  An example of what I am imagining is a geometric structure, with sensors and lights inside. When a human comes close to it or makes noise  the lights change color and pieces of the sculpture start moving!

And last but not least I don’t want to do this alone and keep this to myself.  I believe deeply in the importance of dialogue and collaboration.  So please participate with me, comment, share, take my ideas and expand them, learn from me and most importantly teach me!