More than one way to Arduino

Arduino does not just come in one form.  There are several you can choose on depending on what you want!

Here’s a few I’ve used:

Arduino Uno- the classic, a great starter Arduino for tinkering 


Arduino Mega- very similar to Uno but has more pins and capacties
LilyPad- besides being prettier and smaller this Arduino is often used for wearable projects as the pins can be sewn to with conductive string
Arduino Gemma is tiny and only about $10.  It still can do a lot of things and also draws very little power.  I’ve been using a small 350mAH rechargeable lithium ion battery! 


Arduino Circuit Playground – NEW! an all-in-one board that has RGB LEDs and sensors (including a sound sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and mini speakers built in! ) for only $20! 

~also there’s ‘off-brand’ Arduinos that are cheaper but of course are riskier in terms of quality.  I bought the Elegoo version of the Arduino Mega off of Amazon for about half the price and it’s working just fine for me!





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