So now’s the time for starting some real interactivity with lights and sensors!  Again my goal is to create sculptures with embedded lights and sensors that react according to the environment.

there’s a lot of cool sensors out there!

such as: tilt sensor, vibration sensor, laser head sensor, sound sensor, temp sensor, motion sensor, soil moisture sensor, flame sensor, clock module, path

For a simple example of an idea I have is to build a box (either with a material that is illuminated or has holes in it) then program LED lights to interact with a sound sensor, put it all in side and wallah! I think a lot of bands would like this for some good ambient set design!

I really love COZO’S shadow boxes and would love to make something similar but with an arduino with sensors and lights inside!

Something else I am working on involving lights and a motion sensor, so using the same design idea as above, I could have a box that gets brighter or changes color the closer someone walks to it.

I’ve gotten past the first step on this one with the help from here –>https://sites.google.com/site/summerfuelrobots/arduino-sensor-tutorials/ultrasonic-ranging-module-hc—sr04-rgb-led-module


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