LEDs 101

Image result for led diagram

LED = Light Emitting Diode

advantages over incandescent light sources = lower energy consumption, longer lifetime,  smaller size, and faster switching, variety of color and controlling capabilities!

RGB LED  = LED containing one red, one green and one blue LED

PWM = post width modulation is a technique used (in/with Arduino) for controlling the brightness of the LEDs, allows you to fade the LEDs, Arduino only has 6 pWN pins so you can only hook up 2 rgb LEDs at a time =[

-also PWM is what is called with AnalogueWrite() commands

-also PWM is used for driving a motor at various speeds

-has to do with frequency

RGB basic hookup +code

so many color possibilities!

fade 1 RGB LED



My experience

Hooking up one LED and experimenting with it’s color were fairly easy and satisfying.

Next getting the fade working was easy, hwoever understanding the fade code is much more difficult.

Next I want to control more than 1 LED, which I found to be more difficult than expected.

Other things you need to control LEDs




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