Brainstorming Ideas and Inspirations!

Internet of Things : devices with network connections that are embedded in every day objects.

I am interested in creating something of this nature, something that collects information about the environment and individuals and then externalizes that information in some way.

Ambient Displays

  1. Dialogue group light : Another project I am working on right now is an extensive research project into theory and practice of”dialogue.”  This is with the intention to eventually facilitate a dialogue group.  I want to get people together into a space to talk about ‘the important things’ and to express perspectives and develop connections.
    1. So, I think it would be cool to have an ambient light sculpture that subtly reacts to the group.   I create a geometric shape that encases LED lights and a sound sensor. The louder the talking the brighter and more colorful the sculpture becomes!

Previous Projects

-infinity mirr0r

-crystal mood lamp

-custom laser cut sign and logo




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